Miki’s Teahouse and The treasure of Miki Tours: Weiwei TeaHouse


Miki's Unique Tour


Miki's Unique TourMiki's Unique Tour

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Tranquil Jinze ancient water village

Tranquil Jinze ancient water village


In order to serve our guests with authentic home-cooked quality lunch and share other important Chinese culture such as making dumplings and tea ceremony, Miki has planned many years to establish a teahouse. By a chance, she got an ideal when she was walking in an untouched water village Jinze in April 2014. After 3 months renovation, it turned out very cozy. Miki’s sister Nancy Wei is taking care of  the teahouse’s daily chores. She is a very tidy person. after each tour , she will have  all the dishes, plates , chopsticks, spoons and cups must be sterilized in the sterilizer cabinet with the high temperature up to 120 degree Celsius. She waters all the plants and makes sure that fresh air comes into the tea house every 2 days if we don’t visit there.