Greetings From Owner

Greetings from Miki Wei ( Owner of Miki Tours )

Our dearest guests,

Welcome to browse Miki Tours website!

This is Miki, the owner of Miki Tours. I was born in a beautiful but remote village in Sichuan province, southwest of China. I had many dreams before: when I was studying in our small village, I wanted to be a teacher because I thought teachers were the most knowledgeable people; while I was studying in high school, I wanted to be a nurse to help patienuts; when I was studying in university, I wanted to be a knowledgable and charming tour guide to meet friends from different cultural backgrounds, and then I can proudly introduce my culture to them and share our history with each other; When I graduated from university, an opportunity brought me to work in Japanese company. Moreover, I was lucky enough to be sent to Istanbul to work in such a mysterious and fascinating city for 2 years. I was working hard and also earned good wages in Turkey, but  somehow there was unrest blood in my body made me left the highly paid company and then went to Singapore to study about 2 years. Finally, I returned to China and had my new career I have had dreamed.

I deeply felt in love with our traditional culture,  history and literature, Chinese traditional music and musical instruments, paintings and calligraphy, cuisines, tea culture, Chinese Traditional Medicine, Architectures. They nourish me and enrich my life. I am eager to share our cultural assets with friends from all over the world and to learn the world as well.

Based on my personal hobbies and my excellent team, Miki Tours was founded in April 2014. We are a tour company, we are more than a tour company. Our mission and satisfaction is to enrich our guests’ trip in many aspects such as culture, history, locals lifestyle, cuisines,etc, and get insights of a real China. We wish to bring a real and beautiful China to our guests’ eyes.

We have a excellent and delicate team with 2 office members ( Eka Ari and Tiffany  Wu) and 6 top notch guides namely: Miki Wei, Mary Huang, Zoe Zhao, Melody Gu, Apple Guo and Tania Tang ), and many professional drivers.

As a professional tour company, we offer tours based in Shanghai and its nearby cities such as Suzhou, Hangzhou, Nanjing, etc. Meanwhile, we have reliable sister companies in Beijing, Xi’an, Chengdu, Guilin, Sanya and Bali Island in Indonesia.

Whether for a slow relaxed tour or a fast-paced adventure, as your patient and loyal friends, we prefer to help you spend a happy and memorable holiday in China.

Bedsides tours, we offer private transfers as well.


Sending my warmest regards,

Miki Wei: owner of Miki Tours